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The figure who was in the ship watched as his original prey escaped. He did not bother himself with that failure, for it was not an important one. Instead, saying no instruction, he decided to concentrate all the power that flowed around him and release it in a blast.

The ship of the Iridonian exploded. And two failures were finally destroyed. And the last...


Ibis sat down on the musty floor. They have been in Coruscant for only a few hours, and most of the time spent was on meditating. His slave was content to stand up by the door to the apartment, and most people were convinced the slave was too much trouble to disturb.

Ibis grinned, as much as his face can grin (which amazingly, no one has seen closely, at least no one who has lived to tell the tale), as his success finally was imminent. And he was relieved that his hard work has paid off.

And he spoke, in his mind. Gagnante, or should I say Perdante. You are mine. Never forget this. You are mine.

And with that, he started controlling his failed apprentice's motions. A hand, moved awkwardly upward. A foot moving forward as of its own volition.

You heed my every command, even though you do not know it. You are mine. Obey.

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