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Gee wiz, since when does wishing to consider a game "uncanon" make one a "HATER"?

There's a lot of stuff in Star Wars I don't consider "canon." Does that make me a "HATER"? I don't think so. And still, even if I DID "hate" something in Star Wars, is that a reason to get mad at ME? These forums are open to everyone, not just people who have nothing but love for this stuff. Surely your love for a game isn't diminished just because some other people don't agree.

I know one of the reasons a lot of people come here is to find out (from everyday folks, rather than just professional critics) if a game is worth their time and money. How are they going to get any information if the only folks who are around are fans (or worse, only fanboy/girls)? If somebody wants to complain that this isn't a "one opinion" forum, for a year, I suppose that's within their rights.

And last I checked, there are a bunch of forums here integrated together. Some of us are regulars on one or more, but we stop in to visit other forums out of curiosity or for variety. If one of you were to come over to the Jedi Academy forums and say you really didn't like JA and wished it wasn't "canon" would you appreciate somebody "yelling" at you and wishing you'd leave and never come back?

Incidentally a "troll" doesn't hang around for an entire year talking about the same subject, do they?

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