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Originally Posted by ZimmMaster View Post
It is nice to be here. I am going to run this as often as possible. Quick question though, is there a way to make the app run in the background so it does not freeze my computer for 3 seconds then start doing the next thing. (ex. While Folder is running and I open GIMP computer freezes for a few seconds then catches up, and so on...)
As far as folding goes. I ONLY do it when my computer is idle. If I need to use the comp for any reason, then I switch it off.

However, I keep my comps on 24/7 so this may not apply to you or others.

I believe there is a setting in F@H where you can set the priority of folding where it won't use as many (or any) cycles if you are doing something else however. At work, so I can't look at my settings to say for sure

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