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Gagnerai et Perdrai (I'll Win, I'll Lose)

NonSW Fiction: A retelling of an old fairy tale.

The piece is spiced up by the author inserting herself into the story. Tysyacha liks to do this kind of thing, and I tend to like her work. One day I am going to have to read this tale.

Knights of the Old Republic: Ways of the Jedi

During TSL: Wanton destruction to break one man’s spirit.

The piece is an orgy of destruction with little rhyme nor reason until the end. From what I have seen of war ala Star Wars, it is fitting that you gain control of the government rather than the entire planet, and slaughtering an entire city is perfectly acceptable to ones such as the Sith. The Chancellor is merely another pawn to break to your hand, and if you must, you must. The Destruction of all he holds dear does not bode well for the planet.

KotOR II: After the Credits Rolled

Post TSL: After their flight from the destruction of Malachor V, the now reawakened Exile begins to try to remember it all.

Remember a conversation break when the speaker changes; even when it is just dialogue and internal dialogue. I was able to keep track, but only just.

The piece is confusing with the Exile falling into and our of unconsciousness, and the crew running frantically to repair enough to escape. When she does finally awaken, it is to confusion of the events in the recent past, a not uncommon reaction to the howling mess of war.

The Fall of Malak

Pre KOTOR on the Star Forge: The fallen Revan makes his old friend over.

The piece is excellent, Revan driving a still loyal Jedi into the dark with words and anger. Striking off his jaw at the last is merely the period in the last sentence of Malak’s Jedi life.

Pick of the Week

Will It Ever End?
The Creators

Approximately 5 years after TSL: The new Council has settled in, but the Galaxy is not yet done with them

Some problems with word usage. It is taught, not teached, like instead of liked, meet instead of meat passed out, not past out, peeked, not peaked. You teach some one, not learn them

On the whole you get the calm before the storm feeling from the piece. Things have settled down, but new dangers loom on the horizon.

Dawn of the Tuskens

No specific era given: Tusken raiders make an attack

You are using words in a manner that suggests that English is not your first language sour (bitter) when I think you meant sure. Vary (alter) rather than very (definitely). Remember conversation breaks.

The battle is disjointed; first, grenades are designed to have a specific delay time, so rolling it down a hill would only work if you’re sure it would take only the amount of time that delay is. I worked in one non SW story and developed a grenade with everything from 30 seconds to impact detonation. But you made no mention of such a fusing option so I figured a standard 3 second delay, meaning if it were falling less than 30 meters. On an incline, it would be about half of that, and on sand, less than a third.

The basics are good, but we find out little about their society we have not already known.

A Storm of Troopers

No specific time, but in the Imperial Era; A scout trooper on a normal day

The piece was far too short to get a grasp on it. Beyond his name and some of his skills, we find out little about the character, and nothing about the situation.


Light Side Female Revan


KOTOR aboard the Ebon Hawk: HK has some interesting memories in that head…

It was wondering what was happening, I got the feeling of an action adventure drama with HK stuck in the role of the cop chasing some criminal.

Pick of the Week

Light Side Female Exile

Him, Again

KOTOR on the Outer Rim: The Exile meets someone she had not anticipated.

The piece is funny with her complaining about dead man giving her the wrong code, even though she had felt it wasn’t right. The only part that was confusing was that we have her meeting Atton long before Peragus.

Other KOTOR characters

Rixis Jan's True Tales of Bounty Hunter Glory - Episode One - "The Golden Age"

KOTOR ending on Korriban: A young man sort of drifts through life.

The character reminded me too much of Griff, and his feeling of apathy seems to infect everyone. Manaan, Tatooine, finally Korriban, he couldn’t seem to get enough together to even try to make a difference.

The long, sad death of Canderous Ordo, pt.1

Two Years Post KOTOR: Canderous has a new reason to live.

The piece was small, but like a piece of Balkava, tart, sweet, and making you want more.

Pick of the Week

A Bedtime Story
Prisoner 24601

Pre KOTOR: Mission’s brother abandons her

The piece is good because even if she doesn’t trust him, Mission does love her brother. When he abandons her, stealing her stash, laying it off on Lena, she still dreams of the day they get back together.

Pick of the Week

KOTOR Fairy Tales: Puss in Boots

Originally reviewed 10 February 06 That review is below;

A fairy tale using the characters of KOTOR

With a screen name like Karacat, you wouldn’t be surprised that she’d pick Puss in Boots. Having written a children’s story, I know how hard it is.
Yet she does it seamlessly right down to the interjections you would expect from an audience listening to such a story. Well worth the time to read it.

Reprise Pick of the Week

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

From the one who brought you;
What we die for...
KOTOR excerpts
Star Wars: The Beginning
Star Wars: Republic Dawn
Return From Exile
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