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"Really bad design on the New Empire's part, but still."

Belina shook her head again. "I'm sorry, but I'm going to destroy everyone of those New Imperial starships with my own fleet. No viruses, no capturing this new Grand Admiral."

"Believe me...I would like to use the virus idea but my orders come directly from the man who promoted me. I'm to destroy the Imperial fleet using ship-to-ship combat."

She thought for a moment.

"Now that I think about this more...Those orders do seem suspicous. I think I'll need to check into these orders."

Grand Admiral Beroc looked on at the few Republic vessels that were still in orbit. The ships were attempting to mobilize to try and take on the thirty or more Imperial ships that had just dropped out of hyperspace.

"Inform the fleet that they may pick and choose their targets at will. I want two Star Destroyers for every one republic ship. As soon as those ships are destroyed I want ground troops on the planet immediatly."

The gunners on the bridge all saluted and Beroc watched as green flashes of turbolaser fire slammed against the deflectors of a few of the ships before punching through.

He activated the intercom system of his ship and began issuing orders. "All ground troops will report to their transports and prepare for departure within the hour. I repeat: All ground troops will report to their transprts and prepare for depature within the hour."
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