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Meta watched Perdy with a unique fascination. It was one thing to see the slight-of-hand tricks where the Jedi just lifted a few things. It was a whole other experience to actually see the power play between Force users and their very strength of wills. What others feared, Meta respected as a power to manipulate the world and shape it in their own image. The ironic thing was that the Force users could not both have what they wanted at the same time. So the cycle goes, Sith rise and Jedi fall, Jedi rise and Sith fall. They had to take turns, which Meta found kind of funny. Granted, millions of lives were lost because of their inability to coexist, but Meta had seen far worse. If anything, the cycle was more of a form of competitive equilibrium that kept the galaxy from becoming stagnant and weak. That was why Meta was not only committed to this course of action for the sake of the Jedi, but for that of the Sith as well.

In any case, none of that mattered. While it was interesting to watch Perdy fight the good fight, Meta needed to contact that Republic officer and acquire the necessary information for his plan to work.

“Make sure she doesn't hurt herself.” Meta told Psycho before turning to Juhani and saying “Hello, I'm Meta, a pleasure to meet you. You'll have to excuse me for a moment, I've got to go take a call.”

Meta walked into room, straight past the bed with the corpse and to the comm system. “I'm sorry to inform you Rep-man that the girl's dead. On the bright side though, you can help me find and deal with the people who did killed her, the Found. All I need is the location of the hideout, though you're more than welcome to come help me with my plan. Got a freaky-looking guy, a cat-lady, and a Sith with Dissociative Identity Disorder on my team already.”
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