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Name: Nathanial Robb

Age: 19

Country: USA, OH (Akron!!)

Favorite games: KotOR, Age of Empires (Eff you Microsoft I want Ensemble Back), Mass Effect (and everything else by Bioware), NBA 2k10, Unreal Tournament 2k4, Counter Strike:Source

Hobbies: UT2k4 Mapmaker, CSS Map Editor, Writing (my favorite), music, rapping, I watch a lot of movies

Music i listen to: Eminem (Not Afraid is the single greatest song in history), Chamillionaire (Good Morning is the SECOND Greatest song in history), okay so name a rapper I have prolly heard their songs. ACDC is amazing too.

Now about my Screen name. I AM NOT A DRUGGIE. NAR is my initials. I friend of mine in my UT clan before I had a real username (I played under the name Rookie lol) pointed out that I could play under the SN Narcotics, I comprimised at NAR(cotics), and haven't dropped the title yet.

NAR(coticS) Studios is my dream, and I hope for it to become successful someday. It's a company devoted to finding talent (Writing, Art, Music, Modeling, and so forth) and giving them the tools and connections to better themselves at what they do and get their work out in the world so they can make money.
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