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Tavaryn answered his comm, "I read you Kalla. Cygnus yes I know of her. What's the problem?"

While he was talking to Kalla, Haruka was enlightening Alriana, "Of course he survived. He and Lady Ashira both did. They had a son. You've met him already I bet." Haruka was surprised this Jedi did not know Ashira. Being the the first of his people to be trained on Coruscant was the biggest news to anyone connected with the Jedi. He had read of her and her exploits traveling with Qui-Gon Jinn and other Jedi inan efort to keep the peace.

They were interrupted by the Togorian who growled, "Why don't you just kill me. You'll never be able to stop what is happening. The infection will continue and you," he pointed at Haruka, "are still wanted. They still want you."

Tavaryn managed to hear the conversation and with a deft movement of his boot, he nudged the injured arm to make the Togorian roar out in pain. "Shut it. I know what your masters want otherwise I wouldn't be here." He gave a cursory glance at the audience and continued to talk to Kalla, "Scuttlebut would be good Kalla. Give details."


Matton finsihed his check and called out, "All hands take a seat. We're lifting off."

Jun-la made the necessary adjustments as co-pilot. "Lifting off and we're clear of moorings."

"Taking us out," Matton guided the ship towards space.

"Set a course for the Cygnus. We have two passengers to pick up before we get to Geonosis," Jun-la said.

"Roger," Matton geared the ship to move.

It was uneventful as they docked to pick up their passengers. Jun-la said nothing but just checked systems after lowering the ramp. She then unbuckled her seat belt and went to greet her guests.

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