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Originally Posted by Taak Farst View Post
150 $ wtf?!?!?! I actually prefer playstation move, and its cheaper! I only think gaming with no remote can go to a certain extent but the sony sorcery and socom 4 stuff for PS Move looks epic
Preferred control scheme aside (Kinect/Move/Wii), at least do your math correctly.

Cost per unit: $150
Quantity required: 1
Total Cost: $150

PlayStation Move
Cost (Move/PSEye combo): $100
Sub-controller (optional, can use SIXAXIS/DS3): $30
Extra Move Controller (1-3): $50-$150
Extra Sub-Constroller (1-3): $30-$90
Total Cost: Minimum $50 if you have a PSEye already, $100 if you don't
Maximum $370 (4 sets of controllers + Eye)

I would say at bare minimum, assuming you don't have a PSEye, you're looking at $130 to play most games effectively with the PS Move. While I also prefer Move to Kinect, I'm not fool enough to use price as an argument.

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