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"And who was that? A smart order would be to take out the New Imperial ships with minimal casualties regardless of what that method was."

"It sounds like you may have a spy in your midst." Atora chimed in as he walked toward Belina and the others. "Sorry it took my so long to get here but I got a little lost."

Belina narrowed her eyes at him. "What exactly do you mean? The man who gave me these orders is a close friend, he sponsered my entrance into the academy and was responsable for promoting me to my current rank."

She turned back to Komad. "The man's name is Taran Geka. And he is the second best tactical genius the republic has. But to think of him as a spy...I hate to say it but it is possible. He disappeared once for a few days and no one knew where he was."

"Of course he survived. He and Lady Ashira both did. They had a son. You've met him already I bet."

She shook her head "No...I don't believe I have. The only person I really know from this century is Tavaryn and I still don't know all that much about him."
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