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Originally Posted by Tysyacha View Post
Tysyacha's Speculations:

CAUSE OF WWIII: Dwindling resources (OIL, water, food, strategic points)
MOST LIKELY TO START IN: The Middle East and Asia (IRAN, Iraq, N. Korea)
ON AMERICA'S SIDE: Great Britain, France, Germany, and (oddly) Russia
AGAINST AMERICA: Iran, Iraq, Syria, N. Korea, other Asian Muslim countries
WINNER: US (I hope)
Err... I am not answering the initial thread's question for personal reasons but look at your above statement: "Dwindling resources (OIL, water, food, strategic points)"...

Do you realize that these resources target different regions of the world and different primary interests? I can hardly see many of the countries listed sharing the same interest in each of the above mentioned areas (and America = more than one country, often with different POVs and interests ).
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