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Perdante growled. The time of my WHAT?! I have already been redeemed, you scoundrel! Juhani showed me mercy instead of death at the moment of my defeat, a mercy that I did not deserve. You, however, would rather see me dead or a mindless slave! I won't have it. You're not my Master anymore...ah--!

There is a Jedi tenet that states, in not so many words, "No student is greater than his Master, and no Master should believe that he is greater than his student." Perdante, no matter how hard she tried, could not resist the former Sith's call completely. It was not that her will was not strong. It was only that the cloaked figure's was stronger. He overpowered her, and soon his former Initiate knocked everyone in the room backward (except for Meta) into the wall by way of an incredibly potent Force wave! When she finally recovered, Perdante surveyed the damage. No harm done--I hope...

"Forgive me!" she cried. "I--my mind was not my own at that moment--oh, Force!" She shook her head. "I'm a Sith with Dissociative something-or-other, most definitely, but I don't want to live as such anymore." She gazed toward a startled Juhani, Garren, and Meta. "I'll tell you what. If we're going to take down this Seeker Adeline person and get rid of the Found once and for all, then we need a plan of attack. A strong one. Meta? You suggested that I be used as bait to lure the Found out from their hiding place, and I've already agreed. I suggest a further development: I will surrender to the Seeker."

Utter silence. "She will see that I am not completely Sith, and I will beg to become her Jedi prisoner. I can't afford to have my Master's voice and will attempting to control me when we're trying to defeat a far greater enemy. I can serve as a distraction. While the Seeker is dealing with me, you can enter the hiding place in secret and start killing any Found you--find."

She couldn't help but snicker at the terrible pun. Her head was aching.

"Seeker Adeline won't know what hit her, and why the other members of her congregation are dying off so quickly. Before you know it, all the people who were supposed to protect her will be dead, and we can finish her off." A pause. "In the way of the Jedi, of course. Let's hope she gives up."
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