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Fethe reached Manaan and headed towards the city, he was to meet with master Rodos on the Cantina of Atho City. Fethe entered the cantina and there he was, Rodos Kepid, Rodos was the Jedi who thought Fethe everything, he was his master and the one that saved him too when he fell to the dark side.

“Greeting master, good to see you again”- Fethe said to the Twi'lek Jedi master
“Good to see you too Fethe, it's been some time now, it's good to see you again. Here come seat, this is my new apprentice, Judid Ethos.”- Rodos presented his new apprentice, a Human female, blond with blue eyes.
“Greetings to you too young one.”- Fethe said to the girl “Master I have come to talk to you about certain things happening.”
“Go on then Fethe, tell me”- Rodos said.
“I am having visions master, of the future, and they are happening, I need you guidance master”- Fethe said “It's a new menace, a some sort of cult that is hunting us down.”
“Hmm Dark Jedi's? I have been sent here to investigate a rare case of a Dark Jedi”- the master replied.
“I'm not sure master, I don't think so, but I do know they're still some Sith remnant scattered around the galaxy”- Fethe said
“Well Fethe, the force has been giving you the sings, you must act then, you must help the order to control this menace”- the master said “You are one of the best students I have trained, the force is with you, go and confront this new menace, like a Jedi should”
“I will master, thanks for you're advice. I do have another favor to ask master, a Sith came to the academy the other day, how are we suppost to know she isn't a spy or a trick to destroy us, she claims she wishes to turn to the light.”- Fethe asked
“Fethe, that is something you must see from deep inside of you, when you fell I knew you could still return, I felt it and that's how I knew you could still change. Hear you're inner voice Fethe, then you will now the truth”- Rodos answered

“Thank you master, I will return to the academy, may the force be with you both”- Fethe said as he stood up and headed towards his ship back, so he could return to Coruscant.

"Evil is a word used by the ignorant and the weak. The dark side is about survival. It's about unleashing your inner power. It glorifies the strength of the individual."
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