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“Okay then, it's settled. We've got the Rep-man coming back here to give us the location of the Found's hiding place an help us, we've got the proper people to start taking out the Found once we find them, and we've got a solid plan to take out the leadership.” Meta elaborated, unfazed by the sudden outburst of overall weirdness from the Sith. He was lucky that Perdy couldn't do a force push on him, otherwise he might've smashed through comm system and a wall or two. If she was going to keep having outbursts though, then she was going to become a serious problem to the plan. That would simply not do.

“There are a few thing we've gotta do though. First, we need to remove the body here and discern the cause of death. The Found might have poisoned her, or the injected her with the mineral. Second, we need to wait for Rep-man. He does know the place the best. And last,” Meta said, walking out of the room and right up to Perdy “We need you a bit more stable before we spring the trap.”

With that, Meta pinched her shoulder, hoping that what he had learned in another universe would still apply here and cause her to faint.
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