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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
There usually are. I know at least most companies in the insurance industry have a back up to their back up's back up. I guess it just depends on the industry and how conservative they are. Most finance institutions are very conservative, at least with own money.
If you have read Debt of Honor, You'll remember that one part of that attack was to destroy the records of every transaction made that day. What people don't realize (And Clancy used with such skill I envy him) is that Banks are one of the big investors in the Stock and commodities exchange. With no record of who did what, people could lie about it for gain. "Oh I sold that stock here, when it was at this amount, not here, when it was ten points cheaper'. And if any real length of time passes (Clancy's characters fixed it by having the market wait only a week before retailating) others will make claims to having made buys of now seriously depressed stocks, knowing the government will get the market back on it's feet.

Worse yet, picture someone telling the bank "I already paid the note, why are you deamnding I pay again? Oh, your records are gone? Well here are mine (With the ink still wet) and they say I'm paid off.'

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