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I liked Deceived trailer far better than the Hope trailer for the following reasons:

1. The Sith were the won the battle.
2. The entrance into the temple was just that cool.
3. I hate the use of the CW era armor. Despise it even. Abhor is the best word I can think of to describe my feelings on
that topic actually.
4. I find the use of the Force to stop a lightsaber a little far-fetched, especially for a Padawan. It was still bad a$$, but
I'm not sure it was necessary.
5. There was no way that Trooper should've survived the grenade explosion. Period. Malgus probably shouldn't have
either, but we'll give him some extra leniency, just because he's a Sith Lord and a Juggernaut with lots of front-line
experience, and the Force.
6. I could go on...but I'll stop here.

Originally Posted by RogueJedi86 View Post
How was Malgus even remotely likable? He's a rotten punk who attacked the Jedi Temple under the guise of the Treaty of Coruscant peace treaty.
Umm, Malgus is completely cool. He's my favorite person introduced by name so far for ToR. He was one of the only high ranking Sith who wasn't in the war for personal ambition - Malgus was striving for the furtherance of the Empire as a whole! He treated his lover like his wife (reminds me of a similar love story in Dune), and although he often disagrees with the Council, he still follows the Emperor's orders when called upon. All of this combined makes him my favorite Sith Lord in the KotOR era thus far...

By the by...the treaty of Coruscant was a direct result of the sacking of the Jedi Temple, and although the negotiations were perhaps a mask for the attack, that's not despicable, that's good strategy. Hardly a mark for shame.

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