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((Is it alright if I have Jolee's force ghost stop in for a little chat with Juhani?))

"That is if the Jedi will allow me,"

Juhani considered it for a moment before nodding. "Yes, you may examine the bodies. But you must treat them with the utmost respect. They are to be given a Jedi funeral once you are done."

She watched as...Meta she believed his name was pinched Perdante on the neck which caused the former sith to drop to the floor in a heap.

She turned to Meta and the others as she noticed that it was night ."I believe that Perdante should be allowed to rest before anything else happens. She's had a very long day."

She looked down at the sith as she thought what would be the best thing to do with her. With her master attempting to take control of her mind she would need someone to watch over her, someone who wouldn't try to kill her if her master did take control.

"I will allow her to rest in my quarters until she wakes up. Rest assured I will be watching to make sure nothing happens to her."

She hoisted the former sith over her shoulder and carried her into her quarters, gently setting her down on her bed before closing the door to the hallway.

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