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I'm thinking of the Alderaan Peace Treaty then. Would you call me a cool guy if I agreed to a truce, then shot you in the head right as we were shaking hands on the truce? That is a very low thing for the Empire to do.

Who said the Jedi Consular in "Hope" was a Padawan? She was using an ability that exists in SW, called Force Absorb. It's hard to do, which is why she only did it out of desperation. Very few Jedi have ever done it. She was likely a Master, or eve a Grand Master if the rumor is true that she's Satele Shan. Yoda absorbed Force Lightning from both Dooku and Palpatine, was that far-fetched?

The grenade that the Trooper used on Malgus wasn't a regular grenade, notice the blue explosion, not a fiery explosion. It was most likely just something like a concussive grenade. You find it believable that a guy in robes could survive the blast, but not a guy decked in heavy armor?

Speaking of armor, it wasn't CW armor, it looked a bit like the GCW armor too. It's called a technological plateau, technology can't advance beyond a certain peak. Plus you use armor that works. Like how we've used the same basic wheel for thousands of years. We may make them out of different materials, but they all look the same. You don't fix what ain't broken, including armor.

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