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Originally Posted by Ztalker View Post
I totally agree, for myself those pictures are 'wrong ones' that the in-universe master Dural found. It's not like I 'hate' the game now, I just feel they shouldn't have touched it.
Because, now that they canonised unknown stuff, it's here to stay. And that's...uncool.
Hey, it's all from a 'certain point of view' after the fact. But in essence I agree.

While I like the Jedi Guardian class, anyone can use any color lightsaber even if blue happens to be the most common. Also can use any variant thereof. If it were my way it'd be 2 lightsabers, HOTG bronze/red-orange and MOTF cyan/turquoise.

You can just pick and choose what you want and say "to hell with the rest", no biggie.

I once said somewhere that I'd love to see some Force-induced flash-back on an unknown world where a masked Revan and hooded exile destroy some big academy and it's leaders, setting back the Sith a few hundred years and eventually falling in battle against the Sith Emperor or something.
You know, rebel against their former master, do something epic.
Revan's epicness is quit gone now...
Well, I do think we'll find out but I'm not holding my breath on whatever 'it' is as being any huge 'epic' thing. I just hope they ended Revan with dignity. As to the Exile, same thing but I'm counting on it largely being ignored and the Exile being lost in obscurity. LA (to my guess) had initially intended there to be some implied future clash between revan and exile from the vision in Kressh's tomb. That and how mandalore says certain things if you have enough influence with him in TSL about the two of them not being singular jedi. However those hints themselves would be giving too much away. So LA will probably say either it was a glimpse into the past, or "only a possibility" glimpse into the future.

Still, those sith warrors do at least make me curious, now.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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