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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7 View Post
The most productive client to use on CPUs is the SMP client.
Good to know. I missed the SMP client, and will need to install it as soon as my current work unit is complete... it is the largest my machine has taken on yet, a 2500 piece puzzle. But, three down WU's down
Originally Posted by Astrotoy7 View Post
GPU nv>GPU ati>PS3>CPU(SMP)>CPU std
Do people actually fold with their PS3's? I have considered it, but I am not one to leave that thing running... my concern would be wear & tear. Am I being wimpy?
Originally Posted by Astrotoy7 View Post
If it is a HTPC, you generally don't want anything running if that rig is recording TV. You can set windows task scheduler to run the f@h client at certain times when you know it wont be doing any recording.
It is an HTPC build, but it is not getting much HTPC use yet, as we still have our Comcrap DVR. Soon to be a thing of the past I will not be using it for much recording of tv though, as we are about to drop our cable tv subscription and get netflix. Free basic cable comes with the new apartment, so net we save $40 and get to watch movies we choose. How novel.
Regardless, and back on topic, I will be folding with the high performance nvidia gpu client by the end of the week. Looking at the team, I can catch a good many of these cats, but the top three are sick! In a helpful, protein folding sort-of-way I am oddly proud of being a part of this... and am trying to get more folks interested. Thank you, Team LFN, for raising my awareness!

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