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Originally Posted by qui_gon_glenn View Post
Do people actually fold with their PS3's? I have considered it, but I am not one to leave that thing running... my concern would be wear & tear. Am I being wimpy
I understand the reservation, though do like to remind people that the PS3 client was a collaboration between Sony and stanford university - it's not a homebrew by some scary hairy scene guys

Hence, it is designed to not destroy everyones ps3. Chainz' point about ventilation however, is an excellent one - though IIRC you do electrical setups - so I'm sure you are more than aware of that consideration

I am oddly proud of being a part of this... and am trying to get more folks interested. Thank you, Team LFN, for raising my awareness!
Nothing odd about it! It's a great cause and easy to contribute to The fact that we have maintained our plateau position for so long indicates that we have a nice dedicated team

It's great to spread the word and get others interested Even if they want to fold for themselves or another team, the nett result is still a positive one.


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