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Good info on the PS3 client, ChAiNz and Astro... I think I will leave it alone, as an SMP on my 2.13 C2D and the nV client on my 250gt should keep me satisfied.

Ventilation is never an issue As you surmised Astro, I cannot help to be obsessed with such things.... it is not good to watch a 20KW Mole-Richardson HMI explode due to my rigging in a poor airflow position == unemployment!

EDIT: Uh, ok. Now I see that the more POWA you have, the larger assignments you are given. The GPU client destroys my standard C2D client... chewing up a hundred parcels a minute! I guess I will see how much the SMP client improves my performance on this PC.

Want to play a game of ME3MP?

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