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Jedi Temple, Coruscant

Psycho was quick to analyze Jolee's body. He came to the same conclusion he had the last time he saw the body but now the difference was knowing over theorizing. It was the body of Anna that would prove to be a challenge. Upon scanning the body Pscyho discovered that her nose had been broken and a small piece lodged itself into her brain. He was confused by this, she would have just healed herself with the Force. He stood up for a few seconds and stared at both the bodies. There was Jolee who had been decapitated by a surprise attack and now there was Anna who had broken her nose and didn't heal herself. Something wasn't right here; Jolee should have seen the attack coming and Anna should have healed...unless. He crouched down by Anna's body again and took a good look at her face. A simple nose break shouldn't have been enough to kill her. He did a much more thorough job on his second scan of Anna.

I've got all the info I can gather, its time to put you both away

He would give them a funeral but first he wanted to remove the bone from the brain. He made a few cuts with his tonfa and pulled the bone right out of her skull. At least he had gotten the bone out. He was about to discard the bone when he noticed something about it. He brought it closer to his face and saw a small piece of metal. A broken bone in the brain wouldn't stop a jedi from healing but what about this metal? He knew there had to b a better reason why Anna didn't heal and this had to be it. He darted out of the room and began sprinting down the halls. When he finally found who he was looking for he stopped running to catch his breath.

"We might have a bit of a problem," he said to Meta holding the bone up.

Gathering Place of the Found, Gymnasium/Training Room

Zen strolled into the Training Room looking for Adeline. He was about to leave when a thought had hit him. He finally found her and walked over to her, bowing as soon as he was near her.

"Mighty Seeker, I was about to leave when I thought about the jedi that was rescued. I fear she might tell her fellow jedi about us and in return will attack us. I wish to stay here for another day or so in case the jedi do attack. I wish to fight alongside my brothers and sisters here," Zen requested.
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