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Gathering Place of the Found, Coruscant

Zen looked over at the droid with the capsules. He was a Sangheili warrior, he liked to fight based on his own skill not with some help from a capsule. However he did not want to betray the Seeker. She had given him guidance in her teachings during his time of need. He took the pills from the droid and looked over at Adeline. Maybe he could compromise with her without her even knowing.

"Would you have me take these now or when I am truly in need of them?"

Jedi Temple, Coruscant

Psycho looked over at Perdante as she stared at the bone he had in his hand. He listened to the new imput from Garren and his mind began to go to work. A force inhibiting metal...that explained how Jolee couldn't sense the attack and Anna's death as well.

Wait...what about that guy back on Dantooine?

"I found no traces of the metal on Jolee's body but what you've said makes sense. Is it possible the metal is not in the weapons but perhaps in the Found members themselves?" he asked.
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