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Jedi Temple, Coruscant

"It's that metal," Perdante mused, "that can absorb and negate the Force. It sounds like the members of the Found are using it, and to their advantage. If so, then we Jedi and former Sith are going to be in real trouble unless we remember our melee and blaster skills. If we try to use Force powers against these brainwashed people, they'll never work. We have to do this old-school." She grimaced--had she really said old-school? After smirking and shaking her head, she asked, "Hey, guys--what's happening to Jolee Bindo's body?" Indeed, it was vanishing into thin air: becoming one with the Force itself.

Gathering Place of the Found, Coruscant

"Take them now," directed the Seeker, "so that you will have time to become immune to the Force powers of the Jedi. Ostanovium does not work immediately--although," she added softly, "our engineers are working on that. They're distilling an ultra-pure sample, one that can make a Jedi lose his or her Force powers in a span of ten minutes instead of sixty. Remarkable."

She licked her glossed lips. The taste of utter victory was near at hand...
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