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Originally Posted by Demongo View Post
Just because not everyone is Jordan doesn't mean it's not basketball.
1) Wilt Chamberlain was the best ever...
2) It has less and less to do with the players playing the game as it does the rules and reffing. Players are given more leniency in terms of traveling and this just turns it into a dunk contest to see who can do the most spectacular moves. The kinds of calls the refs make in terms of fouls, which are objective, of course, vary so much nowadays that I don't even think the league knows what the definition of a foul is anymore.
3) Ever since dirty and unruly players like Ron Artest were let back into the league...they've lost all legitimacy in my book. I don't know how a league can allow a player who beat the crap outta one of its fans to come back into the league and basically get off with a slap on the wrist. Believe me, the NBA commissioner is the best out of the big 4 pro sports in America...but that's not saying much. Basketball is my favorite sport to play...but there's a reason why it's right next to hockey on the bottom of the list to watch. (don't even get me started on college sports...bleck)

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