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Arai watched him intently as he spoke. There was something he wasn't saying. That she could tell just from his face. Digging just a little deeper told her that his willingness to disclose information on his "religion" hinged upon what sort of relationship she kept with the Jedi.

At his farming comment, she laughed softly. "Believe it or not, I've tried it and you're right. Farming would most definitely not suit you. Lots of manual labor left to the farmhands, in spite of all the heavy machinery they like to keep around." She leaned back in her seat, examining him inside and out. Something felt very different about him, muted somehow. Beyond that, his most immediate shatterpoints seemed focused around the "religion" he'd mentioned earlier. But it was too soon to redirect his attention to it.

"Any jobs on your immediate horizon?" she asked. "If not, I've got an option for you. Two-merc job. Employer said I could pick whoever I wanted." She smiled faintly, noting a slight shift in his pattern. "Wouldn't mind getting back in touch with you, Dom. One of the things I missed most after you left the Jedi was pranking the Masters with you."

Her mind on overdrive, she gauged his internal reaction to that thought and then added, "Though I suppose you might say they had the last laugh on both of us... I think." She looked him up and down, curiously. "Did they take your saber from you when you left?"

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