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Farming was one of the last things he could picture her doing. She was too much like him...which, he supposed, was why they got along so well together. He would die after about a standard month of farming; he couldn't sit still that long in a place that had nothing but flat land, flat land, and even more flat land.

The offer of a job caught him by surprise, and his immediate reaction was a cheerful one. He smiled, this time a little less reserved than before, and that smile only grew as he thought back to the times he'd shared with her at the Jedi Academy. They had been the only good times he had with the Jedi...and that had been when he was breaking the rules.

"I wish I could say yes, Arai," he said, a sense of regret about his tone. "God knows it would be nice to spend time together again, but...I've got an on-planet job to take care of." He pressed his lips together then, weighing his options. Would it be wise to maintain contact with her? She hardly seemed like the sort of person that was a fan of the Jedi...but he wasn't certain of the answer. There was one question he could answer, however; he did want to see her again. "But hey - if you're anywhere as fast as you used to be," A little crooked grin took hold of his lips. "Then your job shouldn't take you long. We could meet up again whenever you finish it."
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