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Gathering Place of the Found, Coruscant

Zen was hesitant at first but then nodded his head and took the pills. His head twitched for a second as he felt the pills slide down his throat. Zen was tough and knew he would be able to withstand the dosage, that was why she gave him so many.

"It will be an honor to both fight with you and to protect you. When the Jedi arrive I will make them wish they hadn't come."

Jedi Temple, Coruscant

Psycho laughed as Perdante spoke of her murders on Tatooine. He then did something he hadn't done since he was a child...he showed compassion. The armored creature placed a hand on Perdnate's shoulder.

"Only three? Let's see what I did on Tatooine. Six muggings, four thefts, one hostage situation, and over one hundred murders. If they gave me another chance to redeem myself than they will most certainly will for you. Everyone deserves a second chance no matter how wicked."

For once someone who was so psychotic was acting very sane.
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