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Originally Posted by Zwier Zak View Post
It won awards because there was no real competition in 2008.

And don't get me started on awards. The game also won an award for "disappointment of the year".

I get the impression that people like what he does and can do with the force, not who he is. I also noticed on many forums that a lot of people hate him. Unless you can show me the "most people" who like him I'm gonna stick to the fact that he is a wooden, flat and unlikable.
I think the character is great.

His character arc in the first game alone is spectacular. You start off with this "force wrecking ball" that is told to go kill everything and is essentially evil incarnate. As the character progresses you see how and why he ends up turning to good.... betrayed by Vader twice, finds a love interest in Juno, makes friends and allies when they were supposed to be his enemies, finds out about his father.

I also think people can relate to him along the lines of doing what the SHOULD do rather then what they are told or want to do.

So yeah, put me in the category of liking the character and liking what he can do with the force.

The SW stories were always driven by character... Galen Marek, Juno, Kota, Maris and even proxy all ooze character.
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