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Originally Posted by RogueJedi86 View Post
I'm thinking of the Alderaan Peace Treaty then. Would you call me a cool guy if I agreed to a truce, then shot you in the head right as we were shaking hands on the truce? That is a very low thing for the Empire to do.
We're Sith. Low is what we do. Besides, its still good strategy. Go read Sun Tzu's Art of War.

Who said the Jedi Consular in "Hope" was a Padawan?
She has the customary padawan braids. If it is Satele Shan, then she is most definitely a padawan, as the Hope trailer is earlier in the timeline than the comic in which she is also a padawan.

She was using an ability that exists in SW, called Force Absorb...
Force Absorb works on attacks that originate from the Force, not energy beams. At least that is my understanding on the power. If I'm wrong and you have a canon source to show me I'm wrong, I'll gladly admit my faults.

The grenade that the Trooper used on Malgus wasn't a regular grenade, notice the blue explosion...
Blaster-fire in SW comes in all variety of colors, why not explosive grenades? Besides, how would a concussive grenade tear his face up like that? I think that if that sort of damage was caused by the grenade, it should have sent at least some shrapnel into his brain, considering the proximity.

...You find it believable that a guy in robes could survive the blast, but not a guy decked in heavy armor?
Malgus was heavily armored, too, and has the advantage of the Force, surviving a blast like that is something I would expect from a Sith Juggernaut. All it would take is a enough concentration (or instinct) to use the force to deflect any shrapnel away from his exposed face. The knockback is completely survivable in any case.

Speaking of armor, it wasn't CW armor, it looked a bit like the GCW armor too.
The CW and GCW are close enough to each other in the timeline that it makes sense for little change to exist between the two. Check out KotOR sometime, tell me how many clones/stormtroopers you see.

It's called a technological plateau, technology can't advance beyond a certain peak.
Umm, no. The SW universe did not hit a tech plateau at that point in time. Heck, they advanced technology between episodes three and four. Went from the ARC-170 to the X-wing. That was a far smaller time gap than between TOR and the CW.

You don't fix what ain't broken, including armor.
Which is why Bioware should have left the republic armor from KotOR and TSL alone.

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