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Sigh. You my friend are the devil's own advocate.

Vader used Force Deflect in ESB.

Bastila had padawan braids, too. There is no reason to assume they didn't exist at this point in time.

Not all explosions are red. For instance, the charges used by Jango Fett while being pursued by Obi-wan. Fire can be blue, energy can be blue, if you can stick a different energy pack in your gun, why can't you use a different chemical in a grenade? Cryoban doesn't work, there was no freezing effect anywhere to be seen. Watch the trailer again, check out the change in Malgus' armor after the grenade scene. It's practically melted.

You did see ground forces in Kotor and TSL. They were all throughout the first game, and they did a good bit of fighting in the battle for Telos at the end of TSL.

The X-wing was better in every way than the ARC-170, including manpower to firepower ratios.

Please, if you wish to attempt to defeat my arguments, research your reasons more thoroughly.

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