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It was Force Absorb! It's a widely believed fact! :P Han's shots didn't go flying around the room, they stopped at Vader's hands.

The Consular in the trailer has 2 braids, so they're more for style than rank. How many padawans in the prequels had 2 braids? It's just one for a Padawan.

The explosion in the Geonosis space battle was a Sonic Missile. It didn't cause a 3-dimensional blast either, because it wasn't a typical missile. Trooper's grenade wasn't intended to kill, it wsa to stun, that's why it barely hurt either of them(aside from the Trooper's massive facial lacerations).

There were no Republic Troops in KotOR, none in an armor anyways. All I saw were the cloth-geared deck officers and such.

How was the X-Wing better? It may've had better reactors and such, but it wasn't some drastically superior beast. Plus like my Y-Wing example said, 25 years doesn't mean stuff still isn't good.

I do my research, a tecnological plateau is the best explanation for the technology looking the same over the many millenia. To those who object to the technological plateau, I ask how they would advance beyond laser weaponry and FTL travel.

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