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Hello. I am new and i just got SWBF2 yesterday. My question is how do i crouch with Default controls? I have used advanced but it was too hard to use so i use default. How do i crouch with Default though? I really wanna learn to crouch. I don't care about rolling i just wanna crouch. I also LOVE SWBF2! It is the best Lucasarts game ever. This is a comment to Lucasarts: LUCASARTS YOUR THE BEST! SWBF2 IS AMAZING! EVEN BETTER THEN RENEGADE SQUADRON! I have SWBF2,SW Battlefront Renegade Squadron and SW Battlefront Elite Squadron! SWBFES (Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron) is for my DS, then i have SWBF2 for my PSP, and last but not least, SWBFRS (Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron) for my PSP! SWBF is the best series of games you have EVER made! I love them so much.
Bye everyone! Time to go play SWBF2!
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