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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7 View Post
The SMP client, whilst impressive for a CPU setup, really taxes your system
Ok, cool. I think I will be satisfied then with the standard CPU client on this rig, with the HighPer nV client on the 250gts. If I get really crazy, I can always fire up the PS3
Originally Posted by Astrotoy7 View Post
EVen though he is aloof from the forums atm - its great to see his rig is still folding away for teamLFN.

kudos to tk, wherever he may be! (likely in his workshop making some crazy glasses)
I see tk102 up there, and it is impressive that he has racked up so many WU's using CPU power only.... as well as it's impressive that he might be in a workshop somewhere, working away. Always been a big fan of the guy... helpful, generous with his free time and to the community in so many ways.

EDIT: Er, just found the social group. My ruminations on folding will be continuing there, unless someone stuffs a donut in my mouth :hungry:

Want to play a game of ME3MP?

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