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Originally Posted by Demongo View Post
Okay, you got a point. Also bad choice of words on my part: by "Jordan" i meant the legends. So what i wanted to say is just because players are not as good as they were before doesn't mean it's basketball.
And about the dunk contest, well you may be right but i'm not quite sure. They are still "playing" the game and there were some spectecular moves back then too.
And so do you

I think players are more athletic now than ever. That is simply the evolution of sports science and money. They are like Starkiller in (in TFU1)... incredible but spammy.

David Stern is questionable IMO as the best executive in pro sports. No league wears more egg on their face than the NBA.

I was a server when we opened Old Chicago on 1st Ave in 1993/94, and I waited on Tom Gugliotta and Kevin Garnett in their rookie seasons, respectively. After 3 years there I worked at Palomino, and Charles Barkley always came into my bar when he was in town (as did Cloris Leachman... funny lady!).KG is the ultimate team player, a throwback team player that can still Unleash, and I have always held him in high regard as a human being and athlete. He was a teenager at the time, and he didn't try to get a drink from me... That bar was the hottest place in the city at the time.. lots of fun back then, urluckday!

Want to play a game of ME3MP?

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