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Lady's Lekku Cantina, Coruscant

Melany heard another fierce crackling on her comlink, this one sounding rather impatient. "Garzo?" came the lovely voice of Jedi Master Yakhta Gara. "Find a room for the night somewhere, perhaps in the Temple. I haven't heard a word about whether the attack on the Gathering Place of the Found has been cleared by the Republic or not, so if there is going to be an offensive, then it's going to be tomorrow. Get some sleep. You're going to need it."

Jedi Temple, Coruscant

"I agree about the need for sleep," Perdante added. "It's been a long day. Plus, who knows what's going to happen tomorrow? This is one of those cases where the enemy is threatening to 'checkmate' every single user of the Force, and not just two or three Jedi or Sith who are considered special threats. If we lose, everyone who is sensitive to the Force will also lose." She sighed. "Murderer or not, I'm glad I have this chance to set things right.

"Juhani? Thank you for showing me the way back to the Light. Meta? Thank you for coming up with 'the Plan' and the device, and I hope it works the way it has to if we're going to succeed. Garren? You have my gratitude for coming closer to killing that psychopath Seeker Adeline than any of us. Psycho? Thank you for helping to keep me sane, or at least willing to stop me if my old Sith Master's voice starts ringing in my head again." She glanced around. "Most of all, thank you, Jolee and Anna, for your ultimate sacrifice."

Perdante crossed her hands over her heart and bowed her head modestly.

"I'll repay you tomorrow. Something tells me the Seeker might not let me go."

Gathering Place of the Found, Coruscant

"No rest for the weary tonight," mused Seeker Adeline slowly as her followers stared, wide-eyed, into the fluorescent glare of what used to be an ordinary, run-of-the-mill Czerka Corporation headquarters. "It's a side effect of the mineral we're all taking. A small price to pay to be protected from the Force."

She knelt down to pray before a makeshift altar constructed from a podium:

Creator help us, Creator bless us, Creator save us.
The users of the Force are coming to attack.
Creator help us, Creator bless us, Creator save us.
They are Jedi, and can be found.
Creator help us, Creator bless us, Creator save us.
Spare their lives, and prompt their hearts to surrender.
Creator help us, Creator bless us, Creator save us.
If they do not yield, they are just as lost as all the rest.
Creator forgive us all...
So let it be.
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