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All right, I have to concede my point on the Force power stopping the saber, because Vader didn't use deflect, just went back and watched it, though I'm still not saying he used Force Absorb, because that power absorbs the force, but I'm very sure I only disagree with the terminology, not the idea. Maybe it could be called a variation on the power Energy Resistance?

I still would like to know why the two of you are so adamant about it not being a padawan, and Alexrd, how can you say for certain that its not Satele? There were asian head models for Revan in KotOR. And RogueJedi86, is there some official source that states they didn't use padawan braids in this time period? I'm interested in both of those even aside from this discussion.
I'll also say that the fact she loses her lightsaber suggests that she is a padawan, as I've never in SW heard of any knights or masters having their lightsabers destroyed in a duel. Unless you count Maul, but his was still usable. She also seems, to me, to take a submissive role in conjunction with the trooper at the very end of the cinematic. (I am aware that is maybe a stretch in some people's minds, but I kinda thought that even the first time I watched it, because it struck me as odd.)

On the grenade thing, we're going to have to agree to disagree, because you keep saying the same thing over and over, and I keep pointing out Malgus' nearly melted armor, so we can't seem to get anywhere on that one. lol

The X-wing was a drastically superior beast. It was being developed for the Empire as the new 'super-fighter'. I doubt the Empire would have spent credits on a brand new craft when re-outfitting the existing platform would've sufficed.

I have to say now that the tech plateau only works if you accept/ agree with the decision to make the troopers look so similar to the CW/GCW era, which I wholeheartedly don't. I think that they at least should have made the armor color coordinate with the scheme from KotOR and TSL, if not mirror the design of the uniforms they wore.

As a whole, however, I have to say that we have gotten off-topic a bit. Let me express my opinion in a new light: Deceived made me want to play the game. Hope made me think, "Oh great, there are going to be thousands of nine year olds running around playing troopers yelling 'FOR TEH R3PUBLIKS!!!!!!'", which is not what I want to experience while playing the game. Therefore, Deceived wins for me.

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