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In the Shadow of the Bat

Connecticut, 1987

Note: By football, I mean American football since this is in the US

The Nygma farm wasn't high income. Richard Nygma only had enough money to be able to provide for his family of eight; he, his wife, his sons Robert, James, and Ewan, his daughter Emily, and young Edward. In todays terms, Edward would be considered a geek. A very intelligent boy, but not the toughest or most popular kid around. He was constantly bullied by his brothers James and Ewan. While his mother was cooking dinner one evening in the summer, Edward was playing outside......alone like always.

"Hey Ed!" James yelled to his little brother, "Why don't you come over here and join us? Play some football, it's America's pastime."

"No thank you. I'd much rather play by my self if you don't mind?"

"Oh, we do mind! Our team needs an extra player!"

"Well I don't like football!"

"You will either PLAY with us, or you can get something you don't want to." Edward hated what punishments his brother was referring to. His brother literally blackmailed him by saying if he tells his parents, his room with all of his science projects he'd been working on will be ransacked. This time, Edward ran in the direction of the house.

His fourteen year old brother was, of coarse, much faster than him and caught him without any troubles.

"Hey Ed! Want to hear a riddle? What is brown and old and has widows all over? Black widows to be precise!"

"No, the shed? Please don't put me in the shed! Fine, I'll play football with you!"

"No, we are beyond that now. Ewan, get the door open!" After following his brother's orders, they both tossed Edward in.

"Someday," Edward thought, "I won't have to put up with this anymore." Edward found that he would have to pass the time until he gets out of the shed. He had a backpack full of puzzles and and word games he could play to pass the time. He picked one out, and started playing......

Gotham, New Jersey (Present day)

And so the Shadow of the Bat RP begins........

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