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Originally Posted by Feagildin View Post

As a whole, however, I have to say that we have gotten off-topic a bit. Let me express my opinion in a new light: Deceived made me want to play the game. Hope made me think, "Oh great, there are going to be thousands of nine year olds running around playing troopers yelling 'FOR TEH R3PUBLIKS!!!!!!'", which is not what I want to experience while playing the game. Therefore, Deceived wins for me.
Thats kinda my whole deal too, Tech Plateaus and TCW/GCW is all great and I've been a Star Wars fan since I was 3 (1983). But the whole reason I loved KotOR and TOTJ, and the reason I keep wasting my life away in Forums talking about this Stuff, is because I LOVE this era for everything the "Deceived" Trailer IS and all the "Hope" trailer is NOT.

I just think its a waste of an era to use White armor, Moffs, and Star Destroyers...

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