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Dominic had warning bells going off in his head by now, and he knew that this would be the time to take his leave. He had seen enough interrogations - and been trained well enough to carry them out - to know when the interrogator had hooked on to something. Somehow, Arai had found something in his demeanor that had tipped her off...exactly how or what, he had no idea. But he knew he needed to get out of here.

He had been drinking his Juma intermittently, and know he dumped what was left down the back of his throat. He was unsettled and hurried, which meant that he had little mind for whether or not he was making a scene. Setting his glass back down, he gave Arai a quick smile.

"I'm afraid that I don't have time." he said, and though he hadn't looked at any clocks, he said, "And speaking of time, I've run out of it. Here," he slid her a contact card. "Find me again when you've got the opportunity. I'll see you soon." And without waiting for a further farewell, he turned and left. He needed to get back to base; his gut just didn't feel right.
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