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"We have to be better than that. Otherwise, we're just as bad as them, and better people will eventually come after us."

Juhani turned to him and shook her head.

"I doubt that you would stand much of a chance against her. She was able to kill a jedi knight and a very experienced one at that. I think it would be better if a Lightsaber was used against her rather then a blaster."

"Why should I hold Juhani back from what she wants?"

"Because, due to her cathar temple she's more vulnerable to the darkside then any of you. She resists it...but when I was still alive I was constantly worried about her. And as for Anna Organ...I think that Grand Master Brianna should handle that. Anna Organ was one of her students and the Grand Master is an expert at combat, she stands a better chance then any of us. I don't want to see Juhani fall. Promise an old man that you'll watch over her for me."
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