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Jedi Temple, Coruscant

"I promise," Perdante replied, with the full strength of her heart and soul poured into those two words. "Juhani saved my life, literally and figuratively. I would have kept on being a Sith and killing innocents if it weren't for her, and so it's more than fair that I keep watch over her in one of her darkest hours." Licking her lips, she found it hard to continue because her throat was so dry. "Thank you for speaking to me," she said. "I'll try to make you proud."

Gathering Place of the Found, Baptismal Room, Coruscant

Seeker Adeline was preparing the Throne of Gain for its first willing occupant. It was made out of ostanovium, but in only a sedating concentration of the metal. Exposure to the pure form of it was painful, as her Pilgrims tried not to show in front of her. It caused joint pain and lightheadedness in low-concentration doses, but at the level necessary for Gain through Loss, anaphylactic shock was often experienced. Or, so Khristof had warned.

"They are Jedi," the Seeker said. "They are strong. They can endure it."

Or, so she thought. Or, so she hoped. The lost must ALL be found...
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