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"I'll try to make you proud."

Jolee nodded his head once and smiled at Perdante. "Thats a good lass. Now...I think it's time I said my goodbyes to you and Juhani.

He motioned Juhani over to him who waved at him once before Jolee managed to get a few words in. "Juhani...make sure you tell her all those stories I told you. See if she learns anything from them, she seems to be a bright lass I'm sure she will."

"I will." Juhani said quietly as his form began to flicker and he turned to Perdante. "Remember, you once followed the path of the darkside, you can talk to Juhani if you ever feel you are begining to fall."

His form flickered again and he smiled at the two of them. "Goodbye youngsters. Stay safe."

Jolee's form then vanished.
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