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Dominic pulled his hood back up as he stepped outside and into the rain that was now falling. He was suddenly very glad that he had worn his cloak.

Once he was covered, he dug his hands deep into his pockets and bent his head against the wind, starting off down the boardwalk. He hoped that the walk and the rain would give him something else to think about, something that would work this feeling out of his gut...but the weight stayed settled, and didn't release. The only thing he could liken it to was a premonition in the Force, even though he'd disconnected himself from the Force a long, long time ago. Whatever it was, it quickened his pace.

Maybe it was just the same bad feeling that had told him to leave his conversation with Arai. He didn't like the way she pressed the topic of the job with him...and it might have seemed silly to others - paranoid, even - but he got the sense that she was only pressing it in order to get him to divulge what he would be doing otherwise. Hadn't he made it clear that that wasn't an open subject of conversation when he didn't offer any details??

But unsettling as that was, that wasn't what set him off. It was something worse, so much worse, and when he arrived at the compound, he realized that he wasn't the only one to feel this way. The compound was gearing up for complete battle mode, and Seeker Adeline had everyone moving. He frowned at the all the activity, and immediately began to feel the effects of ostanovium in the air. That shouldn't have been possible...unless there was a huge amount of it in the place.

Not wanting to approach Adeline directly, he instead sought out Zen and went to him once he found him. "What's going on here?"
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