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((Tysy? Melany's sarcasm and fighting skills is ready to kick some Found's honey buns! ))

Melany smiled at her friends. "Hey guys. I gotta go. Duty calls. But I'll be sure to come back. If my master don't find out about this." She grinned mischieviously at the last sentence. "See yaz!" After her friends wished her luck, the young Jedi apprentice jumped into her Jedi starfighter and flew off to the Jedi Temple.

(Moments later, at the Jedi Temple)

Melany landed in the Hanger, got out and ran to find Juhani. After searching, she finally found the Cathar. "Master Juhani! Yo! Master Juhani!" After she came to her, she panted, trying to catch her breath. "Um... sorry to interrupt, but... my master, Yakhta Gara, told me I was to be one of the lookouts for this Found's Gathering Place gate. And signal you guys when to attack." Melany glanced at Psycho and Perdante. "Uh... pardon my Huttese, but... who the heck are you guys?"
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