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Great work on this one. The most professionally delivered, gaming focused podcast yet.

Sounds like you're going to have a busy time Lynky! My favourite games all came out around at the same time recently (ME2/AC2 on pc). It was busy work I don't think I can properly do more than 2 games at once.

A couple of points to fill in some details on things discussed:

*Crytek, creators of Crysis stated their main reason for taking CryEngine 2.0 into the console world was piracy.
*Crysis is a PITA to run, but at advanced settings and at high resolutions. There is a lot of room to tweak settings to make it work fine on mid end PCs outputting to a modest rez display (sub 16x12)
*The game isn't actually that good [IMO] Many liken it to the Oblivion of the FPS world....lovely to look at, not as lovely to play. It's enduring use has been as a benchmarking tool more than anything else.

*The wireless adapter in the new x360 'trim' is 801.11g/n compliant. 802.11n is not compliant with 'g' hardware. The 'g' spectrum of the 360 network hardware is exactly the same as any other wireless 'g' hardware. Hence, it's more of a concurrent compatibility than a backwards one.

To utilise wireless 'n' you will need a wireless n router/access point in your home setup. It gives great speed at larger ranges, but the kit is on the pricier side. If you have a smallish place, and not too much clutter between the access point and the 360, wireless g would suit most people fine. Other options are powerline adapters via CAT5/ethernet for those that don't want to put a cable through the walls, or don't have a wireless access point in their home. If anyone reading this has any queries about wireless setups, feel free to ask for some pointers over at LFN Tech forum.


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