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After introductions, hasty greetings and even hastier partings, the denizens of the Jedi Temple, the Gathering Place of the Found, and the streets of Coruscant lay down to rest. It was definitely going to be a long night...

ATTACK BRIEFING: Jedi Temple, Coruscant

Perdante, freshly scrubbed and dressed in her most comfortable clothing for battle, finished sharpening her two vibroblades and inserted them into the hilts on her belt. "Good morning, all!" she said brightly, and then turned to Meta. "Let's go over the Plan one more time," she suggested. "I go in first, surrendering to Seeker Adeline. I'm the sacrifice and distraction so that the rest of you can sneak into this complex nest of buildings that the Found are all holed up in, like dirty rakghouls." She sighed. "I'm going to let the Seeker do whatever she wants to me for ten minutes. Ten minutes, tops. I might die, but hopefully that'll buy you guys enough time to kill or incapacitate everyone else you can find. Go for the Seeker last. She's all yours."

ATTACK BRIEFING: Gathering Place of the Found, Coruscant

"Pilgrims!" Seeker Adeline cried to her congregation in the sanctuary of the Gathering Place. "Today is our finest hour, our hour of victory! The Jedi are coming to attack this holy place, and we must give our lives to defend it if necessary. Do you hear me? We must give our lives, or all is lost!"

"All is lost!" shouted the Pilgrims in response. "We will give our lives!"

"Excellent. That is what Khristof teaches--that self-sacrifice and altruism are the highest good, the only good. Anything less than that is evildoing. Fight with pride and honor, but more importantly, fight with strength. Weaklings die. The ostanovium in your bloodstream will keep you safe from any and all Force attacks that the Jedi might use. If you cannot subdue them, then kill them. Every one of them must be found, even through death."

The Pilgrims saluted. "They must be found!"

Seeker Adeline smiled. "Pilgrim Zen? Pilgrim Dominic? I have a special task for you two, and you two alone, to accomplish. Come with me to the Throne of Gain. You are the only ones strong and dedicated enough to guard it while the Jedi are undergoing Gain through Loss--that is, those who choose to. The others shall die, or be incapacitated until they have their turn on the Throne of Gain. That is what all the rest of you shall do: kill or subdue."

"Kill or subdue!" repeated the Pilgrims, saluting again.

"Victory is ours. It must be ours. Truth always reigns. We cannot lose."
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