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Originally Posted by BIOWARE
This does make a lot of sense.

The other big dispute I've noticed is over Revan's motivations, which were a central plot element of TSL. The latest timeline does not actually conflict with TSL's canon regarding Revan's discovery of the True Sith and his decision to utilize the Dark Side to fight them. Thus, one could say that true to TSL Revan pretended to become the Sith Emperor's puppet. The timeline doesn't actually say it, but allows such an interpretation.

I say that was some decent writing on Bioware's part.

And on that note, I'd say that Bioware's problem is not poor character development anymore. I've been playing Dragon Age recently and I'd say that the Party Members in that have the most depth I've seen in a Bioware work. The problem is that they overuse the same format for their characters and story. Hell, Mass Effect is an outright rip off of KOTOR in terms of plot, which is why I have no interest in really playing it. Dragon Age was also initially disappointing in that they promised more variety of plot outcomes for each different class when in reality it's the same ending when the chips are down. If Bioware can find a new format for their stories, I'd say they'd be in better shape.

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