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“If you don't mind me mentioning, I also did manage to find a tester for my weapon, which makes sure the plasma bolts, or plasma grenades that I can equip, will track anyone carrying the Found's mineral. The test was a success, though he did have to go to the medbay. I owe him an android. Anyway, it also doubles as a sensor so that when we start getting close to them, we'll know they're there.” Meta stated, walking around the main table in the briefing room. He tapped one of the consoles and brought up the schematics of the Found complex.

“Thanks to our Rep-man, we not only know where the Found are held up, but also which points are available for insertion. Perdy here will be walking through the front door, which probably makes her job the easiest. On the other hand, we can't walk in with her, making our jobs harder. The Found are probably expecting an assault from Jedi, with seeking vengeance as their motive. Hence, they're not expecting a collective of non-Force using operatives to sneak in the back doors and start pouring out the cracks. Therefore, we will infiltrate using the sewer lines that connect to all parts of the complex. The troops that the Republic will provide will be making an aerial insertion and work their way from the top of the complex, while we come up from the bottom in a vertical Polish ambush. There will be soldiers stationed outside the complex to intercept anyone attempting to escape, though there won't be that many. The less likelihood of escape that the Found members have, the harder they fight. We just want to break their back here, not create a slaughter.”

Meta added the last sentence because that wasn't what he thought, but what the Republic brass told him to say at this briefing. They were very picky about image.
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